Smart parking solutions for motorists

Motorists find a parking space, save time, save money and avoid stress.

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban environments. Searching for parking spaces in inner city areas already requires a considerable amount of time and is a major cause of motorists’ frustration. The Cleverciti Parking App provides real time information to drivers on where to find available parking spaces

This means not only happier drivers, but also reduces CO2 emissions, saves fuel, helps minimise traffic jams and ensures maximum use of parking spaces. Drivers don’t need to drive around in circles any more to find a free parking space. All they need to do is use the Cleverciti Parking App.


Cleverciti Parking App shows motorists available and occupied on-street parking spaces in real time.

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Find a parking space

Locate an available parking space.


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Get automatic navigation.


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Check prices, usage types and pay for parking with a single touch.

Cleverciti helps drivers to park smarter


"Cleverciti enables drivers to make intelligent decisions in an early stage, for example: park the car at a less busy side street and walk the last meters to their destination or use public transport."

"Service instead of Punishment" motivates drivers to pay for the parking space