Smart parking solutions for parking space operators

Challenges and problems for parking space operators

Drivers can not find a parking space or it takes them too long to find a parking space because of inefficiency of parking monitoring methods. And every moment a parking spot is empty, potential revenue evaporates and can never be recovered.

Violations through not paying, an expired ticket, wrong parking, as well as those who have parked beyond the allowed time limit are not being detected because of inefficiency of parking monitoring methods.


Get complete overview of what’s happening in your parking lot with real time data.

Cleverciti Benefits

Real time parking data simplifies your parking management problems and offers a cost-effective solution to increase parking revenues and improve the overall parking experience of your customers. Cleverciti’s next generation of smart parking for open air parking lots provides enforcement capabilities without having to hire more staff.


Optimise monitoring

Get alert in case of misusage and identify users who haven’t paid and get alert.



Increase Revenues

Use parking space efficiently and adjust pricing according to occupancy dynamics.


Improve Service

Help your customers to find a parking space faster and integrate mobile payment through our app.

Cleverciti Parking Sensors


Cost-effective installation of Cleverciti sensors for open air parking spaces at existing masts or lamp posts

Cleverciti Sensors monitor and analyse:

  • Available and occupied parking spaces
  • Duration of parking event
  • Size of the free parking space
  • Restricted areas

...and transfer real time data to:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Navigation Devices
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Parking management platforms

Cleverciti Parking App


Cleverciti’s smart parking app enables drivers/customers to find the nearest available parking space quickly and efficiently. Other benefits are a carfinder showing the way back to the parked car, a mobile payment solution and voucher pay-back options for parking costs.

Also available as white label solution or as integration in existing apps.