Cleverciti back-end

How does it work?

Cleverciti Sensors feed real time data to the Cleverciti server backend (cloud-based and/or local) which can be accessed through REST APIs by the city’s or parking operator’s parking management to achieve a long-term improvement of the parking situation. The Cleverciti Cockpit can be used to monitor live and historic occupancy data of individual parking spaces or complete parking areas; the average length of stay as well as exceeded length of stay can also be monitored. If interfaces to payment processes (pay-and display machines and mobile payment) are available, the occupancy data can be correlated with payment data. The system can be used to intelligently manage parking areas, including dynamic pricing, manage enforcement and optimize use of space.


With the Cleverciti Dashboard:

  • Define or change parking areas
  • Identify special or restricted areas and set the correct pricing at any time of the day
  • Block certain parking spaces or zones on a temporary basis, for instance due to construction works

With the Cleverciti Cockpit:

  • Access to live control and occupancy data
  • Generate additional revenues by optimizing the usage of the space and by adapting the pricing dynamically
  • Reduce the cost of enforcement by prioritizing parking areas with a high rate of violations

What do you get?


Valuable data

Access to live control and occupancy data, to enable better decision making based on real facts.


Increased Revenue

Generate additional revenues by optimizing the usage of the space dedicated to parking, and by adapting the pricing dynamically.


Optimized Enforcement

Reduce the cost of enforcement by prioritizing the streets to verify. The cockpit lists the streets which count the highest number of violations.