Experience how Cleverciti solutions redefine parking, engagement and communication at the National Parking Association Convention & Expo.

Our innovative solutions for outdoor parking facilities can transform your facility's operations.

Get Clever in Las Vegas

WHEN: Oct. 22-25

WHERE: Booth #213

The next generation of smart parking that increases driver satisfaction, enhances operational efficiency and reduces traffic. Well, that's clever. 

Cleverciti provides real-time insight into your parking operations, letting you make more informed decisions about how to best boost revenue, such as raising rates during peak periods or identifying non-compliant parked cars.

Data-driven decisions

Simplify the parking process for your visitors and customers by alerting them to spaces that are readily available at any given moment. Cleverciti empowers you to reduce traffic and decrease environmental impact.

Increased efficiency

Cleverciti delivers real-time parking data to simplify parking management. 

Ideal for applications in cities, stadiums, schools and more, the solution delivers a cost-effective option to increase revenues and improve the overall parking experience of your customers. 

A Comprehensive, Clever Solution for Outdoor Parking

  • Available and occupied parking spaces
  • Duration of event that requires parking
  • Size of the free parking space
  • Restricted areas

  • Mobile Apps
  • Navigation devices
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Parking management platforms



Happy drivers

Boost revenue

Increase efficiency