Smart parking solutions for Open-Air Parking lots

Applications for Open-Air Parking lots

Get effective, measurable improvement for your open-air parking management.

Whether you operate a shopping mall or run an airport, with Cleverciti you minimize the time spent in your parking lot so shoppers could spend more time in the mall and frequent flyers find their parking spaces quickly and leave them in time or get fines.

And if parking is your business, Cleverciti enables the use of dynamic pricing based on real-time occupancy.

What do you need?

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Cleverciti Sensors

Mounted on façades, lamp posts or masts, Cleverciti overhead sensors reliably and systemically identify available and occupied parking spaces in real time. Choose Cleverciti sensors to cover 16 up to 100 parkings spaces, depending on the height of the installation.


Cleverciti Software

Smart and user-friendly parking management software that allows communication of real time information to the operator. Cleverciti parking management software offers valuable visualization of parking data and the ability to increase parking revenues.

What do you get?

Depending on the size of the installation and your requirements:

Cleverciti cockpit to get statistics about parking usage and optimisation possibilities.

Mobile app for the driver to find available parking spaces, get direction and pay mobile.

Parking guidance LED monitors to show the driver where to find available parking spaces.

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