Cleverciti App

To-the-minute Parking Updates on your Mobile Device

Through an open REST API, Cleverciti’s app can help individuals gain real-time data on parking availability. Whether a customer needs to find a parking space at a retail center in a timely manner or a citizen is aimlessly searching for a spot on their trip downtown, Cleverciti’s mobile app can help reduce search traffic by providing insight into where parking spots are available. The open API integrates into a customer’s websites, maps or 3rd party applications receive live parking data.

Get to Know Cleverciti’s App

White label features for insertion into clients’ apps

Find a Parking Space

Locate an available parking space.

Get There

Get automatic navigation

Pay Mobile

Check prices, usage type and pay for parking with a single touch.

How it Works

Cleverciti Sensors is a disruptive technology which reliably and systemically gathers information on available and occupied parking spaces in real time.

  1. Register online
  2. Choose car size
  3. Enter destination
  4. Get forecast
  5. Filter according to needs
  6. Find parking spaces
  7. Get automatic guidance
  8. Pay mobile
  9. Get notification



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