By Thomas Hohenacker, CEO and Founder of Cleverciti

Before founding Cleverciti, I frequently encountered the same issue that every person at one time or another deals with: the lack of reliable parking guidance. Whenever driving, I had a simple goal: to find an open spot in a reasonable amount of time that was not too far from my destination. Unfortunately, as my wife can attest, my goal was often not achieved.

I knew that there were several problems with this being the norm. First and foremost, the extensive search and distance someone must go through to find a parking space could take even longer than anticipated. Secondly, the search for parking is a significant problem for the environment. While multiple factors are responsible for climate change and global warming, transportation is known to be a significant contributor to the greenhouse gases emitted annually.

Pollution from vehicles leads to poor air quality and that pollution directly contributes to climate change. But more efficient parking directly reduces vehicle emissions. Take this example, for instance: in a mall with 1,000 parking spaces, shoppers typically drive the equivalent of 75 times around the world each year, merely searching for parking guidance. Imagine the impact of reducing this by 30 percent: We can save 25 trips around the world.

Armed with my passion for the environment, I knew there had to be a better way. Basing the calculation of finding an open parking spot on luck or chance is simply an outdated approach. Modern-day parking guidance is the solution.

As a tech-obsessed entrepreneur, I have always enjoyed talking on challenges, particularly ones solved through technology and innovation. It’s that drive, in part, that brought me to examine the issues with parking guidance carefully and how an intelligent approach can improve global challenges. By bringing new parking guidance technology to the smart parking industry, I found the chance to harness my passion for technology to make positive impacts with regards to convenience, traffic and the environment.

I firmly believe that parking guidance technology like Cleverciti’s can simplify our daily lives and transform our environmental efforts. As we move into the next decade, we will be advocating the overarching benefits of intelligent parking, including health benefits. Because less stress for drivers, and decreased traffic contributes to a better environment. And that’s a win-win for us all. 

 This blog is part of a series that will dive into key members of the Cleverciti team and how they leverage their personal experiences to best lead the company.