In a few short weeks, the Cleverciti team will be heading to Las Vegas to attend International Council of Shopping Centers’ annual RECon Conference, the world’s largest global gathering of the retail real estate industry, attracting 37,000 industry professionals and 1,200 exhibitors. This is Cleverciti’s second year attending the conference and tradeshow, and we are excited to showcase our entire smart parking solution, including the platform’s newest addition: the Cleverciti Card.

Though today’s brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to compete against online entities, their unique value proposition is an exciting and satisfying in-person experience. And this experience begins and ends with parking. From the time customers enter a lot or garage to driving away with their new goods, the ability to navigate a retailer’s parking situation plays a considerable role in their overall satisfaction. But there’s a nationwide problem when it comes to parking: at a busy shopping mall, it takes an average of 12 minutes to find a parking spot.

Cleverciti’s technology is designed to address this concern by easily guiding the driver to an open spot, minimizing the hassle of aimlessly searching through a lot or garage. Cleverciti’s omnidirectional LED signage, CIRC360, provides real-time guidance and wayfinding as well as the ability to facilitate communication, messaging, advertising and sales promotions to customers. Additionally, parking operators can monitor how operations are being used and can collect data on the highest demand time to enhance staffing or gain budget for new facilities.

Special to RECon, Cleverciti will be launching its newest innovation: the Cleverciti Card. The Cleverciti Card is a credit-card-sized “active card” that sits in the windshield of the driver’s vehicle and communicates with the Cleverciti System in garages, on-surface parking areas and on-street parking. The patented solution not only helps the parking operator better understand its customers and customer behavior, but it also allows the shopping center to offer reservations for parking spots, which can be used as a perk to a loyalty program or for a sponsored event.

To learn more about how Cleverciti can help your enhance parking operations and the customer experience for retailers, visit our booth #N918 at RECon May 20-23. Schedule a meeting with our staff by emailing