DIGITAL WORLD CONVENTION: Start-ups made global conglomerates look small

A big highlight of the day were the Battles around the Munich Digital Innovation Award. 24 companies had submitted innovative project ideas in advance, which were evaluated by a jury. 8 made it into the battle. In the first round two companies competed against each other. In 3 minutes everyone had to convince the audience of his idea, which ultimately gave a winner over the voting system Ted. The big surprise: not a large corporation – neither Allianz, nor Telekom, nor Generali, nor Unify – could hold up against the start-ups. Cleverciti Systems GmbH, HYVE AG, Intelligence on Wheels GmbH and Virality GmbH made it into the second round and met again. In just 30 seconds they had to convince the audience. Cleverciti Systems and HYVE emerged as winners and again asked the jury questions. However Cleverciti’s clever parking management solution was the most convincing and won the award.

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