time-consuming parking

Among facility directors and managers, the outside of a building may seem like an afterthought. But these areas are no less important than what takes place indoors as they contribute significantly to the way that individuals view a facility. Parking areas and lots, for example, are where first impressions are made, and no facility director or manager wants their customers to have to waste time searching for an open space. Enter: Cleverciti solutions and the ClevercitiCard.

ClevercitiCard is designed to provide an integrated, frictionless parking guidance, permitting, and payment system for drivers while offering a complete management solution for parking operators in a variety of industries. Recently named as a 2020 Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine, ClevercitiCard conveys to drivers where nearby parking spaces are or directs them to additional parking areas they might not have seen.

Finalists were evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for the money-saving qualities they provide to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy efficiency and maintenance. The publication provides their audience with information that helps subscribers and end users make smarter decisions about managing, operating and renovating their facilities.

The ClevercitiCard provides substantial energy efficiency benefits by reducing the unnecessary search for parking, thereby saving fuel and time. The ClevercitiCard is also an infrastructure-light solution. A full deployment is possible by installing only a small number of “anchors” around the facility, which are used to establish the position of the ClevercitiCard within each driver’s vehicle. By eliminating most of the infrastructure, installing a parking guidance, permitting, and payment system can now be done at a dramatically lower cost – including minimal labor and no need to close any portion of the parking area.

Building managers can incorporate the ClevercitiCard into their parking facilities, whether that is an open-air lot or a multi-level garage, to make sure patrons are accessing available spots quickly and efficiently. If drivers can’t locate a parking space when one is available, that translates to lost business or lower employee efficiency because of the complex and time-consuming parking search. Cleverciti’s solutions for smart parking mitigate these challenges head-on.

The ClevercitiCard also provides facility managers with useful business insight into their parking management by allowing for the assessment of trends and habits among patrons or employees.By integrating Cleverciti’s solutions, businesses can create a positive first impression by easing the search for parking. Drivers that utilize the ClevercitiCard eliminate the hassle of other payment methods, since it’s automatic. Coupled with Cleverciti solutions that help guide drivers to available parking spots, it has the potential to save time, as well.

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