Cleverciti is proud to announce the newest technology in our smart parking solution: The ClevercitiCard, the first system to seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor parking guidance, including single space occupancy detection, in a single platform.

Smart parking just got a whole lot easier (and smaller).

ClevercitiCard is a credit-card-sized “active card” that sits in the windshield of a driver’s vehicle and communicates with the Cleverciti System in garages, on-surface parking areas and on-street parking to deliver an integrated, frictionless payment and parking option for drivers. The addition of the new product makes Cleverciti the first indoor AND outdoor smart parking solution, perfect for any organization that wants to provide a more streamlined customer experience, including shopping centers, corporate parking lots and cities.

The ClevercitiCard brings a swath of new capabilities to customers, including:

Parking Location Services

The ClevercitiCard sends geofenced push messages to drivers to help find the closest parking spot, saving time (and fuel!) by minimizing driving in needless circles looking for a spot. The data collected through the entire Cleverciti system and now the Card, gives the driver real-time data to make parking simpler.

Operator Identification

The new technology allows the parking operator to view the exact position of a vehicle, as well as the identification of each user and their permit, reservation and payment status, via the Cleverciti Cockpit, the live management dashboard. All of this information not only empowers the parking operator to make educated decisions based on real-time data, but also provides historical analysis to better understand the end user’s behavior.

Permit Approval

Because of the new data being sent to the parking operator via an individual’s cars, the ClevercitiCard can act as a digital permit, replacing physical permit cards or windshield stickers. The incorporation of the new technology can also minimize entrance and exit traffic in parking lots and garages.

Streamlined Payment

In addition to the ClevercitiCard operating as a digital permit, it can streamline payment for parking. The technology can replace outdated payment boxes for cities and take digital payment for pay-to-park such as Park & Ride transportation locations. By mitigating the need of payment boxes and garage attendants, organizations can better utilize manpower and assets to focus on the future instead of fixing technology of the past.

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