Smart parking solutions are designed to help with traffic management and to aid motorists in finding and managing parking places, either in a street or a designated parking zone. This emerging market is buoyant, as Cleverciti Systems Corp. have shown.

Cleverciti Systems Corp. is a U.S.-German company which is developing technological solutions for car parks and to aid on-street parking. The technology focuses on detection, monitoring and guidance. Many of the solutions developed are linked to the automotive Internet-of-Things.

Cleverciti saw strong growth at the end of 2018, based on recently announced financial figures, and this indicates the strength of the emergent smart parking market. The company’s brief is to develop solutions that will strengthen parking detection, improve guidance, and enhance communication.

Cleverciti’s growth is linked to thirteen new installations constructed in the last quarter of 2018 plus some twenty new projects that are running during the first quarter of 2019. These projects relate to retail, corporate, campuses and smart city initiatives.

Commenting on the success, Thomas Hohenacker, the Founder and CEO, Cleverciti System, stated: “Interest in Cleverciti solutions to streamline parking management in a number of environments using Clevercit’s sensor technology and wayfinding systems, incorporating artificial intelligence continues to increase as customers realize the value of this technology for improving day-to-day operations.”

He adds: “This growth is a testament to the advantages of our unique technologies, which offer superior intelligence and reliability at a much higher value than other smart parking products on the market today.

Some of the Cleverciti developments are intelligent parking technologies. An example is the Cleverciti Top Reach sensors which have been fitted at the Unibail Rodamco Westfield shopping center located in Bochum, Germany. The company has a particular strategic focus on the retail sector, offering solutions in supermarket carparks. These sensors reliably and systematically gather information about available and occupied parking spaces in real time.

In a second example, several park and ride facilities in Germany and London are utilizing Cleverciti technologies tin order o provide real-time parking information to enable urban planners to help to optimize parking assets.

The coming together of smart parking solutions not only helps to manager traffic flows and address concerns of motorists, there is also an environmental dimension. By controlling traffic, this assist with reducing levels of pollution.