When city officials consider and evaluate their parking situations, the challenges they tend to face are often magnified due to the fact that they must cater to both citizens and visitors. This requires an in-depth look at particular congestion spots that affect both groups, such as a busy downtown street that’s home to apartment and office buildings on one side and seasonal festivals, sports stadiums or popular attractions on the other.

And in a city such as Bad Hersfeld, Germany, which is known for its farmers’ markets and yearly festivals, ease of travel is imperative for those navigating the bustling streets. During these lively times, the influx in traffic can create stress and discomfort for drivers, leading to unnecessary annoyance before they’ve even begun their experience in the town.

As Mayor of Bad Hersfeld, Thomas Fehling sought out a solution to the problem, aiming to create a stress-free parking experience on a daily basis and especially during these special events. His vision for a more streamlined approach to parking management included the need for improving traffic flow in and out of the parking areas.

But the process required a technology overhaul: the city’s previously deployed in-ground sensors were creating problems for the city’s parking management and drivers themselves. With roads needing to be torn up to implement the solution and snow/object interference, the sensors were difficult to deploy and the daily counts of the status of spaces deviated substantially from reality.

Following an internal review of the existing solution, the in-ground sensors were removed in favor of Cleverciti’s integrated, intelligent parking management solution. Cleverciti Top Reach Sensors are installed on light posts — overcoming the challenges derived from in-ground sensors — that reliably and systematically gather information about available and occupied parking spaces in real time.

The solution dynamically guides drivers in Bad Hersfeld to free spots, decreasing congestion during the city’s busiest events and increasing driver satisfaction. The city was able to identify problem areas and reduce emissions, as well as drive tourism to the city’s epicenter, where shops and restaurants line the streets and are dependent on the ability of people to access the area.

The unique Cleverciti Parking Guidance LED signs can also transmit critical information to drivers, such as emergency notifications or marketing messages. And by combining the data from the parking sensors with mobile apps, management software and analytics, operations teams in the city can gather precise information about usage and space availability, offering real and clear value to drivers.

Mayor Fehling’s foresight and commitment to deliver a better parking experience to the city of Bad Hersfeld resulted in an increased quality of life for both visitors coming into the city and those that call it home. Learn more about Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions for cities.