Cleverciti is a leader in comprehensive, high-tech solutions for indoor and outdoor smart parking detection, monitoring and guidance applications for road vehicles.

The company develops an intelligent parking management solution that combines cutting-edge computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning. It is designed to deliver data that enables leading public and private companies to streamline parking management.

Innovative smart parking systems for the road industry

A lack of efficient parking management often leads to increased traffic and emissions, as well as frustration for drivers, cities, retailers, airports, universities, stadiums and more.

Cleverciti’s suite of products is designed to provide integrated, frictionless permit payment and parking guidance for drivers, and offers a complete management solution for parking operators in a variety of industries.

Cleverciti’s products include high-tech overhead sensors, a mobile app for drivers, omnidirectional LED signs used for guidance and custom messaging, and the newest product — the ClevercitiCard. The ClevercitiCard can provide a permit access and payment, making Cleverciti’s suite of products the first smart parking solution for indoor and outdoor parking areas.

Cost-efficient intelligent parking platforms

Managing the cost and complexities of today’s parking situations requires agile and intelligent infrastructure to help operators do more with less.

Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions deliver the data, reliability and performance required to support business and parking needs using industry-leading features and capabilities.

The company develops robust and highly reliable solutions that increase convenience, build customer loyalty and boost engagement. This allows users to maximise return on investment (ROI) and streamline the parking process.

By delivering precise parking data and local guidance in a single solution, Cleverciti is the first step in ensuring a seamless and hassle-free parking experience. Its open platform technology can engage with drivers while delivering communication and messaging on high-visibility LED signage or through an app.

Real-time data collection from street level parking areas

Cleverciti’s suite of smart parking technologies provides a comprehensive tool for customers looking to improve parking operations.

Sensors that gather data from above streets or parking areas are designed to ease the complexity of more traditional in-ground sensors. They also provide parking operators with the necessary information to reduce traffic.

Parking asset management software

Cleverciti offers an intuitive software platform that helps parking operators make smarter, more informed decisions about parking assets.

Through the Cleverciti App, operators and drivers alike can find additional data, which increases mobility. It helps citizens, customers and visitors find parking more efficiently and pinpoint problem areas.

Together, this suite of services leads to better outcomes for organisations as they look to solve parking challenges.