Every 5th of June is celebrated as ‘World’s Environment Day’. With an increase in industrialisation and development, planet earth keeps on being more and more vulnerable. On this very day, individuals and communities across the globe work collectively to increase the awareness of the importance of conserving the environment.

Notably, the ‘World Environment Day’ is a part of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and celebrated first in 1973. This campaign was started particularly to address the huge environmental issues like wastage and losses of food, deforestation, increasing global warming and much more.

Every year, a celebration is planned according to the particular theme and slogan to make an impact on the campaign. This initiative has developed into a global phenomenon, where millions of people took part.

This time, World Environment Day 2019 will be hosted by China and the theme is — Air Pollution. The reason behind the theme is to push governments, industry, and individuals to come together to explore alternative energy (renewable energy and green technologies) to improve air quality in cities and other places across the world.

While there are lots of efforts need to be taken to restore the past glory of the earth, it is relieving to see that the world has finally woke up to the issues of climate change and global warming. A lot of startups and scaleups are taking massive efforts to protect the environment using innovative technology. Here’re the 7 European scaleups that are helping to build green cities of tomorrow.

Enerbrain (Italy)

Founder: Alexis Susset

Founded by Alexis Susset, Enerbrain helps to improve the financial productivity and comfort of buildings without the need to modify any of the existing systems. Last year, the company won Europe’s best Deep tech scaleups award in the EIT Digital Challenge 2018 under Digital Industry category.

Based out of Italy, Enerbrain gives energy intelligence to every building thanks to a groundbreaking Plug & Play kit coupled with machine learning algorithms to save and manage energy. It has high profile clients include Carrefour, Engie, Iren, Caselle Airport, Scuola Holden.

Cargonexx (Germany)

Founders: Andreas Karanas, Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz

Cargonexx is the first digital freight forwarder to use artificial intelligence to reduce empty runs, which in turn leads to better prices, higher quality and less CO2 emissions. The company is aiming to build the largest B2B trucking network in Europe. Last year, the company won Europe’s best Deep tech scaleups award in the EIT Digital Challenge 2018 under Digital Industry category.

Cleverciti (Germany)

Founders: Thomas Hohenacker

Based out of Munich, Cleverciti Systems has developed a sensor technology that points drivers via app to free parking spots to reduce search traffic and air pollution.

The patent-pending Cleverciti sensors analyse parking spaces along the streets with an update of every 3 seconds and send real-time data about the status to the Cleverciti Cockpit or the Cleverciti App to cities, parking operators or motorists. For this invention, Cleverciti won first prize in the Digital Cities category of the EIT Digital Challenge in 2017.

Metron (France)

Founders: Vincent Sciandra

METRON uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based energy optimisation solutions. The artificial intelligence engine, which it has developed lets manufacturers effectively reduce their energy consumption and enhance their environmental footprint.

METRON-EVA, the “Energy Virtual Assistant”​, collaborates with experts on energy intelligence strategies. EVA allows to optimise energy consumption and make your business not only more profitable but also more sustainable.

Green City Solutions (Berlin)

Founders: Dénes Honus, Peter Sänger, Victor Splittgerber, Zhengliang Wu

Green City Solutions addresses the global problem of air pollution by combining a special, vertically installed moss culture with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. Called as “CityTree”, it combines specific plants that eat particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide. Furthermore, the construction contains sensors collecting environmental and climatic data, to regulate and control the unit and ensure that the plants survive. Back in 2016, EIT Digital has named Green City Solutions from Germany as the best European technology scaleup in the field of Digital Cities.


Founders: Giuseppe Spanto, Paolo Tripodi

IsCleanAir is an innovative technological scaleup aimed to develop, industrialise and commercialise APA (Air Pollution Abatement) Technology and Clean Air solution worldwide. Notably, APA is the first filter-less solution for air cleaning and environmental remediation at the surface level.

Carbon Analytics (London)

Founders: Greg FitzGerald, James Tilbury, Michael Thornton, Michael Thornton

The London-based company is an online platform that makes it quick and easy for companies to measure and manage the carbon footprint of their supply chains. Carbon Analytic’s web platform guides companies to improvements and puts them on a path to certification so they can reap the benefits of being green

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