Streamline Your Parking Oversight

Streamline Your Smart Parking Oversight

For expansive corporate campuses that service a large workforce, an intelligent parking solution is critical for effective communication to drivers, not to mention increasing productivity by reducing the headaches of searching for parking. Cleverciti’s intelligent parking solutions are designed to help corporate campuses gain access to intelligence that will help optimize parking operations and make it easier for drivers to locate available parking. Cleverciti is the first step in ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for employees and students on today’s large-scale campuses. Visit Our Facebook page!

Guided Parking, Real-time Information and Incoming Data

Cleverciti technologies leverage the power of interconnectivity, edge computing, artificial intelligence and the IoT to effectively mitigate common parking challenges on corporate campuses, resulting in:

An enhanced employee and visitor experience

Reduced traffic and emissions

Opportunities to build revenue

Maximized use of outdoor parking areas

Enhanced communication with visual displays

intelligent data on peak parking times and driver habits

Use Cases

Parking Structures

Parking Structures

Intelligent parking solutions can integrate seamlessly with information from parking garages, combined with on-street parking space information to form a comprehensive look at parking in a glance.



Leverage the communication power of CIRC360 to communicate lot closures, special events or public service announcements to provide the most up-to-date information to students.

Corporate Campuses

Corporate Campuses

Convey real-time parking guidance to employees to ensure they start their work day on time.

Interested in optimizing your organization’s parking operations?