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Disruptive and Innovative Smart Parking Technology

Cleverciti is the only intelligent parking management solution that harnesses the power of sophisticated edge computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning to deliver a wealth of data. This information assists leaders in both the public and private sectors in streamlining parking management, better serving customers and the general public, and helping solve some of the most urgent challenges facing organizations today.

ClevercitiSensor has streamlined parking operations for clients across the globe. The sensor solution can cover up to 100 parking spaces and are easily installed on existing infrastructure, such as lamp posts, buildings or masts. The plug-and-play architecture can easily be relocated as needs change. With a range of up to 400 meters and up to 320 degrees, ClevercitiSensors measure the exact GPS position and the size of open parking spaces. Purpose-built for parking operations, the sensors are fully compliant with privacy regulations — no video leaves the sensors and all image processing occurs at the edge.

Revolutionizing Parking Operations Across the Globe

Cleverciti Sensors is a disruptive technology which reliably and systemically gathers information on available and occupied parking spaces in real time.

  • Covers 100 meters and between six and 20 parking spaces.
  • Easily mounted on lamp posts, buildings or masts without requiring roadworks
  • Plug-and-play architecture
  • Mobile and can easily be relocated
  • A range of up to 400 m and up to 320 degrees
  • Measure the exact GPS position and the size of the available spaces
  • Fully compliant with any privacy regulations.
Smart parking sensors


  • A single sensor can cover up to 100 parking spaces
  • Sensors are mounted on building facades, masts, or lamp posts
  • Installation is easy and does not require road works


  • Sensors measure the size of the available spaces
  • The status of each space is updated every 3 to 30 seconds


  • Sensors transmit the exact GPS positions via encrypted Wifi
  • Sensors operate in all weather conditions (heating in cold environment, cooling in hot environment)