Cleverciti Retail Solutions

Cleverciti’s Smart Parking Solutions are the first step in ensuring a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for your customers. Our technology guides customers to the closest open parking spaces, reducing the complexity and stress of the parking experience. Instead of searching for a space, customers gain immediate access to your shopping center and its tenants.

Welcome, Assist, Engage and Inform – all with Cleverciti.

How Cleverciti Can Help Your Organization

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Maximize the use of outdoor parking areas
  • Reduce the complexity of parking to reduce traffic and emissions
  • Create opportunities to build revenue by adding advertising and informational messaging to the Cleverciti solution
  • Gather more intelligent data on parking and customer habits

Delivering Data to Increase Engagement

Cleverciti provides a powerful combination: precise parking data and instant local guidance in a single solution. Intelligent sensors areeasilyinstalled on existing infrastructure to reduce downtime and closures. The Cleverciti Cockpit analyzes data with sophisticated analytics to help you identify the precise data needed to best manage your parking operations and your shopping center.

Learn more about Cleverciti’s newest solution, CIRC360, that delivers not only parking guidance but
an opportunity to engage with your customers by delivering communications and messaging on high-visibility LED signage.