Smart City

Simplify Parking for Citizens and Visitors

Today’s cities face a variety of challenges when it comes to parking, including exceeded emissions limits, driver frustration, illegal parking, loss of revenue and more. But with the evolution of the Smart City, these metropolitan areas are now poised to leverage smart parking solutions that revolutionize the parking experience for both residents and visitors. Cleverciti’s intelligent parking management solutions are designed to help cities monitor parking space availability in real time, allowing you to achieve one of your most important goals: happy drivers. Visit Our Facebook page!

Smart Parking for Smart Cities

Cleverciti technologies leverage the power of interconnectivity, edge computing, artificial intelligence and the IoT to effectively mitigate common parking challenges in cities, resulting in:

Real-time Communication

Immediate and up-to-date detection of available on-street parking spaces reduces the required time and distance to park, improving mobility. Cleverciti sensors connected through the IoT can analyze and measure the appropriate data, sending information to an integrated digital sign that can display the latest updates for drivers.

Traffic and Pollution Reduction

Cleverciti allows drivers to make smart parking decisions based on real-time data, which reduces congestion – in regard to both the amount of cars in a certain area and the emissions released into the air. Reducing environmental impact and driver stress results in a win-win situation for  cities, residents and visitors.

Parking Revenue

Spaces dedicated to parking are one of a city’s most valuable assets, but in most cases, drivers aren’t paying for these precious spots. By providing them with real-time information about the location of available spaces through Cleverciti solutions, drivers are more likely to feel incentivized to pay as their search time and frustration are reduced.

Improved Monitoring

Cleverciti solutions enable cities to automate processes that may be time-consuming and costly, allowing users to identify trends and prioritize controls according to real occupancy and payment data. For example, the appropriate use of reserved zones, such as handicap or delivery areas, can be continuously monitored and violations are easily identified.

Success Story


“Bad Hersfeld wanted to increase the quality of life for visitors coming into our city and for the people who call this home, and with the Cleverciti solution, we’ve accomplished this and continue to find ways to expand the solution to benefit drivers.”
-Thomas Fehling, Mayor, Bad Hersfeld, Germany




Cleverciti detects more than 1,100 parking spaces in the World Trade Centre District and Sheik Zayed Road.



Cleverciti is used to detect 1000-plus spaces  throughout Berlin.

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