Why Cleverciti


Cleverciti is the only smart parking Internet of Things management solution that harnesses the power of sophisticated edge computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning to deliver a wealth of data. This information assists leaders in both the public and private sectors in streamlining parking management, better serve customers and the general public, and help solve some of the most urgent challenges facing organizations today.

The ClevercitiSensor has streamlined smart parking IoT operations for clients across the globe and its new CIRC360 solution has redefined parking and communications by combining navigation with the opportunity to display marketing messages and paid media sponsorships to turn outdoor parking areas into revenue generators. Visit Our Facebook page!


Cleverciti’s unique AI-powered overhead smart parking sensors for on-street and outdoor parking enable operators of large parking facilities to dramatically reduce search traffic and improve the driver experience. Cleverciti’s portfolio of patented, smart parking systems and solutions perform in a wide range of applications and environments, including on-street, outdoor and indoor facilities. Through real-time insights into the precise location of available parking spots and reliable guidance for drivers, parking search times can be nearly eliminated, and total traffic in cities can be reduced dramatically. This results in increased revenues, lower pollution, and happier visitors. 

Data-driven Decisions

Improved Operations

Boosts revenue

Increased efficiency

Go green

Decreased traffic

What Makes Our Smart Parking Solutions Stand Out?

Managing the cost and complexities of today’s complex parking situations requires agile, intelligent infrastructure to help operators do more with less. Cleverciti solutions deliver the data, reliability and performance required to that support the most important business and parking needs in this connected world. Industry-leading features and capabilities expand the possibilities of what your organization can achieve.

smart parking IoT

Cleverciti Sensors

Mounted from above, these sensors gather the data needed to inform drivers and reduce parking congestion.

smart parking IoT


Cleverciti’s newest innovation combines intelligence, parking guidance and communication into one platform.

smart parking IoT

Cleverciti Cockpit

The Cleverciti platform is designed to deliver advanced intelligence to streamline operations.

smart parking IoT

Cleverciti Card

The first system for indoor and outdoor parking, the Cleverciti Card incorporates all the features of smart parking on a single card.

Reduce environmental impact

Reports show that 30% of traffic and pollution is caused by drivers looking for parking. Cleverciti’s real-time detection of available parking spaces can decrease traffic and pollution, reducing the required time and distance to park by 30% or more.

Increase revenues

Did you know? Up to 80% of drivers do not pay for parking. Cleverciti’s solutions deliver real-time information about the location of available spaces and give operators insight into the number of occupied spots to determine payment compliance.

Intelligent operations

Cleverciti empowers parking operators to monitor their core assets more efficiently while enhancing value for the entire organization.

Improve monitoring

Monitoring parking use and the implementation of the violations is a time-consuming and expensive process. Cleverciti’s intelligent parking solutions streamlines the process and makes it easier to accomplish operational goals.

Dealing with parking complexities?