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Parking and traffic congestion are constant sources of frustration for drivers, public officials and transportation providers in most cities. As more people descend upon alternative transportation methods, such as busses, trains and airplanes, in an effort to ease their commutes, they need a place to park their cars — creating a significant challenge for transit operators. Cleverciti’s intelligent parking solutions enhance the flow of traffic and streamline parking management, making them a valuable option to solve today’s most complex parking and traffic challenges in the transportation sector. Visit Our Facebook page!

Intelligent Parking for the Transportation Market

Cleverciti technologies leverage the power of interconnectivity, edge computing, artificial intelligence and the IoT to effectively mitigate common parking challenges in transportation facilities, resulting in:

Real-time Communication

Immediate and up-to-date detection of available on-street parking spaces reduces the required time and distance to park, improving mobility. Cleverciti sensors connected through the IoT can analyze and measure the appropriate data, sending information to an integrated digital sign that can display the latest updates for drivers.

Traffic and Pollution Reduction

It is estimated that 30% of all traffic congestion is caused by vehicles navigating streets to locate parking, which creates a substantial impact on emissions. Cleverciti technologies allows drivers to make smart parking decisions based on real-time data, ensuring less traffic and reducing environmental impact.

Parking Revenue

Spaces dedicated to parking are one of a city’s most valuable assets, but in most cases, drivers aren’t paying for these precious spots. By providing them with real-time information about the location of available spaces through Cleverciti solutions, drivers are more likely to feel incentivized to pay as their search time and frustration are reduced.

Improved Monitoring

Cleverciti solutions enable cities to automate processes that may be time-consuming and costly, allowing users to identify trends and prioritize controls according to real occupancy and payment data. For example, the appropriate use of dedicated zones, such as handicap or delivery areas, can be continuously monitored. If necessary, the identification of a violation or verification can be easily established.

Use Cases

parking solutions

Data-driven intelligence for today’s modern-day, connected airport environment helps drivers spend less time searching for available parking.

Rail Station

parking solutions

Operators can leverage intelligent parking solutions to streamline parking, while reducing traffic and increasing sustainability.

Bus Depot

parking solutions

Outdoor parking solutions can be used to ensure parking areas are available for bus service, limiting operational disruptions.

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