There’s Smart Parking. Then There’s Clever Parking.


Cleverciti Systems delivers comprehensive solutions for smart parking. From overhead sensors monitoring outdoor and on-street parking spaces to intelligent analysis about behavior and state-of the-art displays and now, the ClevercitiCard.

Cleverciti is the only smart parking solution provider to also deliver opportunities for communications and customer engagement that can increase revenue. As a leader in intelligent parking solutions, Cleverciti seeks to help organizations reduce traffic and emissions, and increase revenue while allowing drivers to enjoy a smooth, stress-free parking experience.

Cleverciti’s unique AI-powered overhead parking sensors for on-street and outdoor parking enable operators of large parking facilities to dramatically reduce search traffic and improve the driver experience. Cleverciti’s portfolio of patented systems and solutions perform in a wide range of applications and environments, including on-street, outdoor and indoor facilities. Through real-time insights into the precise location of available parking spots and reliable guidance for drivers, parking search times can be nearly eliminated, and total traffic in cities can be reduced dramatically. This results in increased revenues, lower pollution, and happier visitors.

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Improved Operations

Boosts revenue

Increased efficiency

Go green

Decreased traffic

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Are You Prepared for the Digital Transformation?


As we look to the future, it is critical that any successful digital transformation journey be well planned. Embracing the benefits of connected devices can be an incredibly complex process. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Align your digital strategy with core business goals;
  • Learn how to identify the data that means the most to your organization; and
  • Invest in technology, but do so wisely.


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