Managing the cost and complexities of today’s complex parking situations requires agile, intelligent infrastructure to help operators do more with less. Cleverciti solutions deliver the data, reliability and performance required to that support the most important business and parking needs in this connected world. Industry-leading features and capabilities expand the possibilities of what your organization can achieve.Cleverciti is the only intelligent parking management solution that harnesses the power of sophisticated edge computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning to deliver a wealth of data. This information assists leaders in both the public and private sectors in streamlining parking management, better serve customers and the general public, and help solve some of the most urgent challenges facing organizations today.

Cleverciti Sensors

A clever solution for outdoor parking operations, designed to ease complexity, reduce traffic and ensure happy drivers.

Circ 360

Cleverciti’s newest innovation combines intelligence, parking guidance and communication into one platform.

Intuitive Software

The Cleverciti platform is designed to deliver advanced intelligence to streamline operations.

Cleverciti Card

The first system for indoor and outdoor parking, the Cleverciti Card incorporates all the features of smart parking on a single card.


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