Make Parking a Convenience

Cleverciti’s intelligent parking solutions are the first step in ensuring a seamless and hassle-free event experience for your guests. Our suite of parking technologies guides drivers to open parking spaces quickly, reducing the complexity and stress of the parking experience. Instead of searching for a parking space, people gain immediate access to your sporting event, arena or amenities. Furthermore, Cleverciti’s newest solution, CIRC360, visually identifies available parking and delivers an opportunity for you to deliver communications and messaging on high-visibility LED signage.

Faster Access to What Your Guests Came For

Cleverciti technologies leverage the power of interconnectivity, edge computing, artificial intelligence and the IoT to effectively mitigate common parking challenges in stadiums and arenas, resulting in:

An enhanced the guest experience

Reduced traffic and emissions

A simple exit and entry process

Opportunities to Build revenue

Maximized use of outdoor parking areas

Enhanced communication with visual displays

Featured Project: Munich International Fair

Leaders chose to deploy the Cleverciti sensor to monitor parking and traffic within the “smart loading zone.” The organization now has the ability to quickly recognize free and occupied parking spaces at the high-priority loading zone. Cleverciti’s sensor solution is able to differentiate between passenger cars, commercial vehicles and semi-trucks and trailers to easily detect when an unauthorized vehicle is present.

Use Cases

Event Parking

aged and worn vintage photo of stadium parking sign

Ensure attendees have immediate
access to the lots they have paid
for, enabling them to get to
their event early, rather thansitting in traffic.

Digital Media

Use case digital media

Direct event attendees to
specific restaurants and provide promos
on merchandise, engaging them before
they enter the facility.

Intelligence Gathering

Hockey fans on stadium

Collect data on demand times to enhance staffing or gain budget for new facilities and see where you can leverage your parking areas to best support your organization’s overall business goals.

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