Customer: Ruhr Park
Region: Germany
Market: Shopping Mall Parking


  • ClevercitiSensor
  • ClevercitiCIRC360
  • ClevercitiCockpit


  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More time to shop
  • More revenue
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Lower traffic levels

Ruhr Park is Germany’s largest open-air shopping facility and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s third shopping center to be awarded a 4-star label – a customer service initiative that represents the highest level of quality and shopping experience. With a consistent focus on innovation and service, the shopping center strives to stay ahead of technology trends and invests in solutions that propel intelligence, operational efficiency, lowered environmental impact and customer convenience.

The center is visited by more than 12 million people annually. As most visitors arrive by car, it can be a significant challenge to find an available shopping mall parking space. In today’s retail environment, shoppers must be provided with extraordinary service and ease of entry to the places they choose to shop. Ruhr Park sought to streamline its parking operations to deliver value across the organization, enhance customer service, maximize time to shop and reduce the environmental impact.

“Customer satisfaction is paramount to our business,” said Andreas Ulmer, Center Manager, Ruhr Park. “On busy days, we have several thousand cars here. Most of our customers have had trouble finding parking and we wanted to change that expectation. We also wanted to provide our tenants with the benefit of capturing more revenue.”

With 50 to 80 parking spaces per aisle, it was difficult for drivers to determine which spots were available at any given time. The mall first tested a simple loop system to manage parking, but this effort was not accurate and reliable. Ruhr Park was committed to easing parking complexity but since the parking lot was paved, it required a system that could be deployed without significant construction, said Klaus Arndt, Technical Manager, Ruhr Park.

After evaluating available options, the shopping mall selected Cleverciti to manage shopping mall parking across more than 2,500 outdoor spaces. As the only smart parking guidance solution based on future-proof AI technology and seamless integration with existing infrastructure, Cleverciti provides shopping centers with unprecedented value by efficiently filling spaces and directly guiding patrons to the best open spot.

At Ruhr Park, ClevercitiSensors cover up to 30 shopping mall parking spaces from its position on existing light poles while the cloud-connected LED-display system is visible at the entrance to each aisle. With an angle of up to 180 degrees, ClevercitiSensors measure the exact GPS position and size of open parking spaces.

With information updated every few seconds, Cleverciti overhead smart parking sensors and its omnidirectional LED guidance system CIRC360 combined deliver instantaneous data on available shopping mall parking spaces to drivers approaching an aisle. Data from the system is also transferred to a central management system, the ClevercitiCockpit, which provides the shopping center management with real-time parking data and analytics to simplify operations and optimize the parking real estate. Combined, the comprehensive system delivers intelligence to help the mall manage its parking operations more proactively.

“Once captured, data in the system is immediately transferred to my dashboard, the ClevercitiCockpit, where I receive live updates on how full our parking lots are,” said Arndt. “With the dashboard, I can see what lots fill up and which ones fill up first, and then I can make decisions based on this data.”

Ruhr Park uses CIRC360 to visually guide drivers to free spaces, easing the search for a parking space. CIRC360 can also be used to display marketing messaging, and public safety and emergency communications.

Not only has parking management been simplified, but from an environmental perspective, Ruhr Park also experienced a significant benefit from installing the Cleverciti solution. “Because vehicles in our facility can find a space more quickly, we naturally have lower CO2 emissions,” Arndt said.

With Cleverciti, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has secured a sophisticated and resilient parking service that focuses on reducing complexity and providing more time to shop for the millions of people that visit the facility annually. Cleveciti provides real-time insights into the precise location of available parking spots and reliable guidance for drivers, which results in increased revenues, lower pollution and happier shoppers.

“It is now easier to park, and I have more time to shop,” said Ruhr Park customer Marcel Jakob. “And the process is much less stressful.”