The Next Level of Guidance and Communications for Outdoor Parking Areas

Introducing the Circ™ parking guidance system. Circ delivers realtime, accurate parking guidance tucked neatly into the existing streetscape. Circ guidance is cloud-connected, allowing for realtime data display and central content management. 

The Circ360™ is a circular, 360-degree digital sign that wraps around existing lampposts. It can be viewed from any angle as vehicles are passing, allowing the guidance messaging to be seen and understood with a quick glance, and allowing traffic approaching from either direction to leverage a single sign.  

The Circ180™ is a half-circle, 180-degree digital sign that mounts on existing lampposts. It has the same benefits of the Circ360 but is designed for environments where messaging is only necessary from one direction. 

Drivers are dynamically guided to free spaces through Circ’sintuitive communication platform, easing the search for a parking space while reducing environmental impact. 

Optimize the potential of your organization’s parking facilities while realizing new opportunities to display marketing messages and paid media sponsorships that drive branding and visibility. The Circ parking guidance system can also be used to showcase critical alerts related to public safety and emergency communications. The ability of the solution to be leveraged for multiple uses extends ROI. 

Open for Business

CIRC360 not only guides drivers to available parking spaces, it also displays customized messages that can be used to deliver marketing messaging, drive customer engagement and streamline communications.

Boost Revenue

Drive enhanced communications in addition to easing parking complexity. CIRC360 is a valuable addition to marketing efforts, allowing you to engage a captive audience to increase sales or enhance operational efficiencies.

Greener Planet

Easing the parking process leads to a reduction in traffic, which also reduces emissions. As more organizations seek to adopt friendlier environmental practices, this benefit becomes more critical.

There’s smart parking.
Then there’s clever parking.

Car Looking Glass

ClevercitiCIRC360 Revolutionizes the Parking Experience

  • Intuitive installation on existing infrastructure
  • One-size-fits-all poles
  • Approximate 30-minute installation per sensor
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Additional options for wall-mounted or single-direction use
  • Connectivity via WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE
  • Exceptional brightness for optimal visibility in bright sunlight
  • Integrated light sensors adjust brightness automatically to address changing weather and light conditions
  • Intuitive online interface allows users to customize display and messaging options