Shopping Centers

Cleverciti’s intelligent parking solutions are the first step in ensuring a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for your customers. Our suite of parking technologies guides customers to the closest open parking space, reducing the complexity and stress of the parking experience. Instead of searching for a parking space, customers gain immediate access to your shopping center and its stores. Furthermore, Cleverciti’s newest solution, CIRC360, delivers not only parking guidance, but also an opportunity to engage with your customers by facilitating communication and messaging on high-visibility LED signage. Visit Our Facebook page!

Give Your Customers More Time to Shop

Cleverciti technologies leverage the power of interconnectivity, edge computing, artificial intelligence and the IoT to effectively mitigate common parking challenges in retail environments and shopping centers, resulting in:”

An enhanced customer experience

Maximized use of outdoor parking areas

Decreased complexity reduces traffic and emissions

Opportunities to build revenue

Enhanced communication with visual displays

Intelligent data on parking and customer habits

Use Cases

Retail Store

Retail Store parking space sensors

Ensure your store’s parking spaces are being used by your customers and gather data to determine when demand is the highest.

Digital Media

Digital Media

Leverage the communication power of CIRC360 to deliver advertising messages to your customers, engaging them while they are most open to messaging.

Shopping Center

Shopping Center parking solutions

Monitor how your parking operations are being used and collect data on the highest demand time to enhance staffing or gain budget for new facilities.

Interested in optimizing your organization’s parking operations?