Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart parking solutions for cities

Challenges and problems of today's cities

  • Emission limits in city areas are regularly exceeded
  • Drivers spend up to 20 min. searching for parking spaces
  • 30% of traffic and pollution is caused by search traffic
  • Up to 80% are parking illegally
  • Valuable parking space is not being monetarized
  • Parking space management is costly and not effective

Cleverciti has developed a new and cost-effective smart parking solution to monitor parking space availability in real-time.

Cleverciti Benefits


Reduce traffic and pollution

30% of traffic and subsequent pollution is caused by drivers looking for parking. Studies show that real time detection of available on-street parking spaces can decrease traffic & pollution, reduce required time & distance to park by 30% or more.

  • Improve mobility
  • Decrease traffic and pollution
  • Avoid EU fines over emissions

Increase parking revenues

Up to 80% of drivers do not pay for parking. Most cities are unable to capture the potential revenues from one of their most important assets: spaces dedicated to parking. By giving real-time information about the location of available spaces, drivers can save search time and are incentivized to pay for parking. 

  • Generate additional revenues from existing parking
  • Make considerable savings compared to alternate solutions
  • Make the most out of your parkings (no need to mark individual spaces)

Improve monitoring

Monitoring parking (appropriate usage of dedicated zone: delivery, handicapped, limited duration parking, etc.), and the implementation of the control process (identification of violoation, verification, etc.) is a time consuming and expensive process.

  • Prioritize control according to real occupancy and payment data
  • View occupancy
  • Identify trends

Smarten up your city

In addition to helping drivers make smart parking decisions based on facts, not luck, and helping parking operators to monitor their core assets more efficiently, sensor solutions such as Cleverciti Systems generate additional added value.

  • Manage parking pricing dynamically according to supply & demand 
  • Integrate management of electric cars & charging points
  • Integrate management of shared cars

Cleverciti Parking Sensors

Cleverciti overhead sensors are easily mounted at facades, existing masts or lampposts and can also be integrated into luminaires.

Cleverciti Systems

Cleverciti Sensors monitor and analyse:

  • Available and occupied parking spaces
  • Duration of parking event
  • Size of the free parking space
  • Restricted and loading areas

...and transfer real time data to:

  • Mobile apps
  • Navigation devices
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Parking management platform

Cleverciti Parking App

Cleverciti Systems

Cleverciti’s new smart parking app enables drivers to find free parking spaces quickly and efficiently, which reduces CO2 emissions, helps minimize traffic jams and improves quality of city life.


"Needless to say, what a great relief it is to now have a reliable parking guidance system. Anyone who wants to park his car can finally do so without endless circling."

Testimonial of the mayor of the city of Bad Hersfeld, Germany